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Scott started collecting at the age of ten.  He purchased a mechanical bank and so it began.  After attending an auction with a parent, he was captivated with the excitement, knowledge, and amount of money that exchanged hands at auction events.  He worked at his first auction (actually just lending a hand for free) at the age of fourteen.

 Although Scott owned several business, he always attended auctions and acquired a significant collection of art, fine watches, musical instruments (primarily guitars), books, and coin-operated machines, and has continued to expand his knowledge.

In 1999 Scott opened one of the first online auction sites competing with other early online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. In 2010 Scott moved to the Hudson Valley area.  He began to hold auctions from local antique stores and was one of the first to stream live online auctions.  The items presented at his auctions achieved better than anticipated monetary results, which, compounded with Scott’s extensive knowledge in a wide array of collectibles, garnered a lot of attention.  His client base continues to grow knowing honesty, integrity, respect, understanding, and compassion, are cornerstones to his success. 

Scott Daniel’s Auction and Gallery has represented famous world-renowned collections both through auction and private sales and continues to gain popularity, now attracting higher profile clientele – both buyers and sellers from around the world.