Appraisals or Evaluations

The proof of our knowledge and expertise is in the amount our clients get.


We strive to offer our customers professional, discrete answers when it comes to the value of their possessions so they can make informed decisions. We offer appraisals for insurance coverage, equitable division of gifts to heirs, information prior to selling or gifting to institutions or non-profits, and auction consignments.

We provide a comprehensive, formal document with every item cataloged, valued, and accurately described to allow for comparison within the market.

All appraisals are completed and billed based upon an hourly fee structure, never upon the values assigned to your property.

The proof of our accuracy is in the amounts our clients get when damage occurs to a valued possession.



An evaluation is a verbal or brief written estimate of what an item could be worth. 

The fastest and easiest way for most clients is an email evaluation.  You provide photos, dimensions, and as much information as you know about the item.  We have a simple form to make it even easier for those looking to find out what something is worth just by filling out the form below.

4.74 Harry Winston Diamond Ring