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The Art of Bob Markell

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Bob Markell, born on April 12, 1924, in Boston, Massachusetts, and passing away on January 25, 2020, in Shelter Island, New York, was a multifaceted talent in the American television and arts scene. His illustrious career spanned from being an engineer to becoming an award-winning television producer and art director, as well as an accomplished artist​ (Wikipedia)​.

Markell's educational journey led him to earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1944 and an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts in 1965 from Northeastern University. After his initial work as a civil engineer and architect, his passion for art took a pivotal turn in 1948 when he became a student at the Art Students League in New York City. This marked the beginning of a career that would see him contributing significantly to the television industry as a scenic designer, art director, and producer​ (Wikipedia)​.

His contributions to television were both broad and impactful, winning him numerous awards, including Emmys for his art direction and production. Notably, Markell was behind the sets of landmark shows such as "Danger," "Studio One," and "Playhouse 90," and he won the first Emmy awarded for Art Direction in 1954 for "You Are There." As a producer, he was instrumental in the success of series like "The Defenders" and "Bicentennial Minutes," showcasing his versatility and creativity in the television realm​ (Television Academy Interviews)​.


After retiring from his film and television career, Markell devoted his time to painting and printmaking, exploring various mediums such as etching, monoprints, oil, and acrylic paintings. His work, often focusing on the nude figure and landscapes, especially those of the East End of Long Island, has been displayed in numerous exhibits and galleries, including the Brooklyn Museum​ (Wikipedia)​.

His art, characterized by a focus on the female nude, landscapes, and still lifes, reflects his passion for color, line, and emotion. Markell's work has been showcased in a variety of venues, highlighting his adaptability and the broad appeal of his artistic vision. Notably, his artworks have graced several galleries across the North and South Forks, demonstrating his significant impact on the local art scene​ (Shelter Island Reporter)​.

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Markell's life and career were a testament to his diverse talents and his ability to impact both the television and art worlds profoundly. His legacy continues to inspire, and the upcoming auction by Scott Daniel's Auction on April 13th, featuring several of his works, is a testament to his enduring influence and the continuing appreciation for his artistic contributions.

For those interested in exploring the life and work of Bob Markell further, his story is a compelling narrative of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression across multiple mediums.

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For enthusiasts eager to experience the depth of Bob Markell's artistic endeavors, a unique opportunity awaits. On April 13th, 2024, Scott Daniel's Auction will present a collection of Markell's works, offering a rare glimpse into the breadth of his talent in visual art. This event is a must-see for collectors and admirers alike, providing a comprehensive look at the creations of a man who traversed the worlds of engineering, television production, and art with unparalleled grace. To view all of Bob Markell's work being featured at this exclusive auction, visit Scott Daniel's Auction.

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