Consigning or Selling at Auction

Selling at Scott Daniel's GoNBid Auction Selling Items of the highest monetary value

Selling items at auction can be one of the best ways to realize the highest monetary value.  Items sold at auction vary and so do the auction fees. Auction costs, and auction house fees, also vary and can be substantial. Some auction house prices charged to clients can include transportation of items to the gallery, storage fees, catalog fees, advertising fees, and more.

Scott Daniel’s makes selling at auction simple.  Selling your property at auction, both at our gallery and live online auctions, we utilize the best practices to gain maximum exposure for items selling at auction. Our commission rate ranges from 15% to 35%. 


Consigning at auction basics:

1. Find out what the commission rate is.

2. Find out what other fees are going to be added.

3. Discuss what the minimum sale price known as a "reserve" will be on higher valued items.

4. Get the set reserves in writing.



Scott Daniel’s buys single items, entire estates, and accepts consignments of quality.


Scott Daniel’s accepts consignments of quality material year round. Follow the steps below for consigning with Scott Daniel’s.


 1 • Send us a list of proposed consignments with images for review.


2 • We will contact you upon review of your submission(s), and if an item is of interest, we will contact you to discuss estimates, reserves, and other charges that are involved. Consigned items must be received at Scott Daniel’s Gallery at least 2 months in advance of the sale date to allow for catalogue preparation, advertising and promotion.


3 • We will submit a Consignment Agreement. Review, sign and return the Consignment Agreement. Your consignments will be placed in an appropriate auction.


4 • We will send you a pre-sale notification and a catalog for any auction containing your consignments.


5 • You will receive a post-sale notification about a week after the auction, indicating the hammer prices achieved for your items.


6 • Scott Daniel’s will issue payment normally within 45 business (Monday through Friday) days, excluding holidays, after the auction.



Consignors can submit items through our website.  You will need to write a brief description of the item and upload images of the item.  We will review submissions and contact you with our determination if the item is of interest or not.  We may request further information or images in certain circumstances.

If an item meets our criteria, we will schedule an appointment to view the item in person either at our High Falls, NY location or a consignor’s location.

We currently request that the items be at our auction gallery a minimum of 60 days from the scheduled auction date so that we can perform a detailed evaluation, and promote the auction through social media, and or print advertising. 

Our themed auctions are streamed live throughout the world from our High Fall, NY location.  Limited invited guests also take part in house. 

Consigned, completed sold items are normally settled within 45 business days. Starting September 1st, 2022, new consigners can track the status of their item(s) by logging into a secure, unique page on our website.

New and Gold member consignors can now log onto a secure section of our website and find the status of their item(s). 

Consignor premiums range from 15% to 35% based on the estimated monetary amount the item will sell for and other criteria as determined solely by Scott Daniel’s Auction. 

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While we may not be a household name, the facts speak for themselves in that we present some of the coolest items and achieve some of the highest prices ever paid at auction!