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John and Muriel Okladek Mask Collection Strip_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The Tribal Mask Collection
of John and Muriel Okladek

At Scott Daniel's Auction & Gallery, we pride ourselves on showcasing and auctioning some of the world's most sought-after art objects. This collection was curated by the late John Okladek, a renowned art collector and consultant to various prestigious auction houses. At this auction, we will present rare and authentic pieces from this collection along with the addition of other artifacts from around the world.

John Okladek (1929-2015) was a premier collector of art objects and was often consulted by various auction houses relative to his art expertise. He was a graduate of Pratt Art Institute in NYC, an early and lifelong member of the Art Director's Club, and manager of his own advertising and design firm, “Contemporary Studio.”  He had a very judicious eye for the beauty in forms, both natural and manmade.  For years, his nature photographs graced the covers of books published by the Revell publishing house. 

As aficionados of indigenous art and artifacts, he and his wife, Muriel (1931-2022), curated an extensive collection of specimens over 40 years, which included everything from hunting spears to fertility sculptures.  Muriel, a special education teacher in the NJ public school system, often chose bold pieces that uniquely suited her tastes and added to the breadth and variety of their collection. Their far-ranging artistic tastes, were acquired during their years of enthusiastic world travel.

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