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The Courtney Collection
& Militaria

John Courtney was a reporter and photographer from Haverstraw, New York, photographing notable events such as the 1939-1940s World’s Fair. Courtney and his three brothers served during World War II.  John's photograph album contains the U.S. landing on Normandy (D-Day) and the capture of the Kehlsteinhaus (known as the Eagle's Nest in English), and many other well-known events of the war.   He made the rank of Sergeant and returned home in 1945. Upon his return to his native Haverstraw John photographed many political figures including Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, Bobby Kennedy, and James Farley.

With such a huge collection combined with the historical importance of what is contained in the collection, we are currently offering several pieces that are available for direct, private purchase. 

Please note that the Militaria is being scheduled for auction but can be purchased prior to the auction being published online. 


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