Some information to keep in mind when bidding through Liveauctioneer

Liveauctioneer started as an online bidding platform allowing bidders to participate in live auctions remotely through the internet. 

They became one of the leading online platforms.

They currently charge an independent auction house a fee of $650 to post an auction.  They then charge 5% of anything sold on their platform during that auction in addition to the upfront listing fee.    

For some time they operated their own associated auction company called Jasper52, which for those using the platform are familiar with the emails, popups, and other notifications when bidding at an independent auction using the Liveauctioneer platform. 


With the recent acquisition of Liveauctioneers by ATG (Auction Technology Group) we see the trend of large corporations buying up competing venues in the online auction platform industry. 

Our auction house has used Liveauctioneers for years, and since we felt they worked best for us, we continued to utilize their service.  Through price increases to advertising their own affiliated auction, Jasper52, during our auctions.  So be it…

Now Liveauctioneers has implemented a new “Payment Platform” that requires any auction house to use their payment platform at an additional 2.9% charge on items sold – which is added to the 5% auctioneers already pay, oh ya – plus the $650 initial listing charge to post the item on Liveauctioneers. 

During the past couple of auctions we have received numerous complaints from our clients who stated that they could not place bids, or bids they placed had not been reflected and they had lost winning that item. 

Liveauctioneers Logo.jpg

So, with all of the above stated issues, we will now be utilizing other online live bidding platforms as well as Liveauctioneers.

Here are some facts regarding misconceptions by participants we need to address so bidders are informed:

  1. Liveauctioneer is not Scott Daniel’s Auction, or part of Scott Daniel’s Group, LLC.

  2. We are not aware of who is bidding on a lot until after the auction.  We see that there is a online Liveauctioneer bid that has been submitted – That’s it.

  3. Liveauctioneer generates invoices with the buyer’s information listed and the lots they won according to their program.

  4. We cannot debate or argue with Liveauctioneer and who they deem who has won an item or for what amount.  An example is a approved bidder, who placed a $900 bid on an item, then it sold for $300 to another bidder without his bid ever being submitted through the Liveauctioneer platform.  The invoice we receive is what we must abide by.

  5. We will continue to utilize Liveauctioneer for the present time, but, THERE ARE OTHER RELIABLE, SECURE, PLATFORMS we will be using!

We base our results on ease of use, speed of the platform (how fast bids are submitted from bidder to auction), overall uptime (if a site goes down or offline), and cost to use.


Here are our results and other platforms you can bid on during our Live Online Auctions:

BidSpirit – Buyer’s Premium 15%

Liveauctioneer – Buyer’s Premium 25%