Jean-Michel Basquiat purchased for $200 sells for $12,000,000!

Pablo Picasso painting purchased at yard sale hammers for $8.9 Million!

Newly discovered work by Chagall found in barn in upstate New York estimated to bring over $5 million dollars at auction!

This piece, although not worth millions, has great historical value.

"Queen Henrietta" Oil on Canvas Attributed to Sir Peter Lely being presented at Scott Daniel's

Many have read the stories, have watched Antique Road Show, and then go out to estate sales, yard sales, and small auctions, looking for the next headline making art jackpot - And although it happens the fact is that chances are slim.

But, let’s say you find a piece that “looks right” to you – then what?

In order to get the payout, you must prove that the piece is real and that is done by establishing provenance, analysis of the piece, finding reference of the piece.

We have two pieces that are being presented at our upcoming World of Art Auction that provide an insight into what steps are taken to establish a piece as authentic and get the best monetary return for our consignors.

Actual 1951 receipt found on back of painting.

1. “Queen Henrietta” attributed to Sir Peter Lely

This piece was in the back of a closet wrapped in a cloth along with a receipt from the 1950s.


Henrietta Maria of France (French: Henriette Marie; 25 November