A Turbulent Flight and Waiting to Land

New territory – you bet! We have heard people compare this to the 1918 Spanish Flu period but in my opinion, it is nothing like that. Technology and population have increased societies fears.

What will be of value and have the potential to increase will be determined when issues currently facing society levels. It will take time, but it will level. For now, the trend is for nostalgia categories. Not high-end, high dollar, but items that can transport buyers to a better time, an emotional point, that they relate to.

As I am listening to news that we are facing a period similar to the Great Depression collectors are for good reason much more cautious about spending, but for that special item that brings them to a time that impacted their life, they realize that item is priceless and if it does not jeopardize keeping a roof over their head, food on the table, and other necessities for daily life – they will buy it.

This is a great time to start a valuable collection! Most of us, including me, believe the world has changed drastically. When I say “valuable” I am not referring to a monetary value. Many have learned monetary value comes and goes based on so many outside events and conditions. I am referring to emotional value. As we are facing a barrage of scary everchanging issues, many have realized that they can take a moment, view their collection, and feel a sense of peace and happiness for a moment. We realize that this is truly priceless and many more are now beginning to realize it and appreciate it.

We currently need to keep a physical distance from others, and most of us can not participate in social activities such as going to parties, go to a play or movie, or even eat out. Any of these activities’ costs money, even going to a movie has an average price tag of $18 per person. For as little as $1 you can buy an item at our auction that you get true value from. Just think about it, you can time travel to a place you want to go, and even for a brief moment, perhaps have a smile on your face.

As many geographic areas, like mine, are currently under home lockdown, it is a great time for those with children to participate in developing a collection. Again, not for monetary gain, but for establishing a moment in time that will bring back fond memories from the past for future years to come.