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Discover the Top Textile Pieces at Scott Daniel's Life, Style, & Fashion Auction

From antique embroidered fabrics to vintage rainbow weaves, this collection of materials is about to be presented at auction.

Fashion designers, interior decorators, and craft artisans will find a wide array of materials, many of which can not be duplicated. The pieces that are being presented during the Life, Style, & Fashion Auction taking place on October 28th have been acquired from around the world.

Sheets of silk, wools, and cottons, from the Traphagen collection had been carefully stored for decades and are being presented at auction with no reserve. The cost of textiles based on auction sales worldwide has increased dramatically over the past couple of years - much faster than the cost of inflation. The demand for unique natural fabrics and alternative prints and designs have contributed to the popularity of fabrics and textiles being presented at auction.

Part of the textile / fabric / clothing collection being presented is from The Traphagen School of Fashion. While FIT ( Fashion Institute of Technology, NY ) had acquired a portion of the collection, a large portion was acquired by a designer. The designer's love for exotic and rare materials led him to amass the outstanding collection we are now presenting at auction.

The collection also contains vintage clothing and traditional uniforms from Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, India, and Africa. A collection of shoes from The Traphagen Museum will be presented. There is also a large collection of books from The Traphagen Library on weaving, textile patterns, and architectural design.

More textiles and fashion items are being added to the Life, Style, & Fashion auction at Scott Daniel's
Lots are still being added to the Life, Style, & Fashion Auction at Scott Daniel's so check back often and join us on October 28th.

The auction is now open for bidding and will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023, starting at 11:30 a.m. Eastern. Auction participation is live, online through Scott Daniel's site, and invited guests at our High Falls, New York location.

Scott of Scott Daniel's Auction & Gallery has been involved in the auction industry for over four decades. They are an accredited BBB auction house with an A+ rating.

Worldwide shipping is available on most items at an additional charge to the buyer

The Buyer's Premium is 20%

We accept all major credit cards, EFTs, checks, and cash.

All invoices are to be paid within 24 hours from the auction's end.

The auction will be streamed live online and bidding will take place from around the world. You can register to participate by clicking here.


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