For the Record - Those in Quarantine

I would guess everyone is so depressed from watching the news, knowing people who are sick, and the current economic downturn. The world has changed - but the world is always changing. Some times the change is bad, some times good, but change will continue.

The question always is whats next?

We each have our own opinion but no one knows for sure. What I do know is that I can't sit around and continue to watch the news 24 x 7. I limit my viewing to stay informed, but not to the point of panic and fall into a end of the world scenario mindset.

Remember - Be Kind. Many people, our neighbors, are having a difficult time dealing with the current world events.

So what do you do to prevent this?

I decided to go on a pick - in my own house! And I found treasure! Not treasure based on monetary value, but even more important during this current period of time. Looking for an alternative to listening to the news was going to my record collection, something I have not made time to do. It was there where I found pieces of the past that put a smile on my face which is so important. It wasn't that the music was great, but it was the fact that it brought me back to a different time. The fact that I could hold the record in my hands, look at the album cover, and recall the period when I first saw or listened to it. It was a great trip down memory lane and I did not have to leave my house - and it was affordable.

Knowing that so many of my neighbors are bored and looking for something to do safely and something that might bring a smile to their face, this Sunday, March 22nd, we will be holding a online auction featuring VINTAGE VINYL. It is not an auction that is for the selling of the items (although you can), but for people who want something to do and may enjoy a moment to perhaps recall a pleasant period of time. For those looking to purchase during this auction, we guarantee that the records are without skips and scratches that effect play-ability and that if there is an issue that is not described, we will gladly refund the purchase upon return.