Keith Haring at Scott Daniel's Saturday, March 12th, 2022 features first time collection at auction

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Keith Haring is one of the most iconic figures in art ever. His philanthropy is legendary.

Keith Haring signing his Anti-Nuclear posters at a rally in New York City in 1982 and one special one signed, dated, and has the Radiant Baby hand drawn by Keith at Scott Daniel's Auction taking place March 12th
Keith Haring signing his Anti-Nuclear posters at a rally in New York City in 1982

We at Scott Daniel's have presented many pieces of Haring's work at auction and conducted private sales of some very special works by this artist. The fact is that every piece we have handled so far has been consigned by the original owners who have dealt with or met Keith Haring. From the print shop in SoHo that created many of his prints to a Manhattan gallery owner, whose collection of Haring items we are now presenting at auction, who attended many of the functions in the 1980s that Haring held.

The 1982 Poster for Nuclear Disarmament is the highlight of the collection. While there are several available currently on the market, this piece is very unique. The piece is hand-signed in black marker by Haring. It is dated '82, again in the same black marker by Haring. It has the circled X hand-drawn by Haring, and has the "Radiant Baby" hand-drawn, in the same black marker by Keith Haring. This offset-lithograph on glazed paper measures 24 inches by 18 inches, and is in very good condition with minimal age-related toning, no edge tears, or edge nicks, bold and strong signature, date, cipher, and drawing with no fading. The provenance is well verified and documented by the original owner. It is Lot 105 in our March 12th, 2022 auction which will be presented live, online through Liveauctioneers and BidSpirit.

We have placed an auction estimate on this rare poster of $5,500 - $8,200 USD.

Another piece from this Keith Haring collection is the 1981 First Edition, 1st Printing of Keith Haring's self-published book of drawings. The book is in good condition with minor cover rubbing. It is complete with no tears, stains, or other noted issues. While there are other examples available, this is one of the few 1981 editions - and perhaps the highest graded example available for purchase currently.

We have placed an auction estimate on this, Lot 103, of $600 - $850 USD.

Full and complete images of the contents contained in this book and are found HERE

Paradise Garage Birthday Invitation, 1984 Keith Haring Invitation Handkerchief.

This was a private invitation to Keith Haring's 26th birthday party and at the very famous members-only nightclub, The Paradise Garage. This invite is truly the crossroads of art and music in the birth of Hip-Hop, Garage, and House Music. Keith Haring, who was influenced by the pop artists of his time, the late Andy Warhol and Basquiat, you will notably recognize billed himself last on this screenprint. DJ Larry Levan, who has first billing, is considered by most DJs around the world as the Godfather of all modern-day beat mixing D's playing what is modern-day Garage & House music. Larry Levan is the original DJ playing a new brand of dance music during the birth of such iconic new fusions of music, coupled with the celebrity fame of Pop Artist Keith Haring, making this art piece an exclusive, rare, and definitive part of art and music history. Thousands of documentaries, books, and artists have roots at the Paradise Garage. Most of the contemporary American pop culture can attribute modern-day pop culture directly to the Paradise Garage, DJ Larry Levan, and pop-artist icon Keith Haring. Keith Haring's popularization of the modern-day, "Pop Art", makes this unquestionably a unique and rare piece of modern contemporary Art History and a cornerstone for a new genre in music. With minimal age-related discoloration, Lot 104 is in very good condition with vibrant color. We have placed an auction estimate of $600 - $750 USD.

The auction is now open for online bidding on BidSpirit, and will be listed on Liveauctioneers this weekend.

If you are a collector of pop culture, fine art, Keith Haring, we strongly suggest attending this auction at Scott Daniel's Auction & Gallery on Saturday, March 12th, 2022 starting at 11:30 am.

You can email us at or call us at (845)372-4787. Our website is .

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