Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Many posters are gaining in value as the artistic appreciation for these pieces are realized. Famous artists whos original works have sold for millions of dollars have produced posters.

From product advertising to war, a poster was designed to provoke action by the person viewing it.

Among the most popular posters are film posters. Metropolis sold for a record price of $690,000. The Mummy sold for $453,500 in 1997.

Concert posters rock when it comes to value. Among the highest prices paid is $37,000+ for a signed Grateful Dead poster, and $23,000+ for another Dead poster with Jefferson Airplane. The Jimi Hendrix poster sold for $15,000+.

It may be the world we now live in but U.S. war propaganda posters are in demand and prices are rising. World War II posters were designed to heighten a way of life, and the perils of falling to the enemy.

The Alex Shear "Signs of the Times" Auction will feature several original, high graded posters from the World War II period. These posters along with other selections from the Alex Shear Collection will be presented at auction on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 at 10:30 am. You can attend the auction live which will be held at their Stone Ridge, New York location or you can register and bid live, online, as they stream the auction on

For more information regarding this auction, and upcoming auctions of the Alex Shear Collection visit . The collection is reported to be the world's largest private collection of Americana and it is exclusively being presented at this popular auction house.

You can contact Scott Daniel's Auction at (845)372-4787 or by emailing them at