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“But 2019 has been a year of fair drama across the globe with the cancellation of events worldwide, starting with Art Stage Singapore in January, followed by the announcement that the city’s new fair Art SG, scheduled to take place last month, has also been pushed back to 2020. In March, New York’s Armory Show was abruptly booted out of part of its venue days before it was about to open when one of the Chelsea Piers was deemed structurally unsafe. The Armory pulled rank over its sister fair Volta, which forfeited its space in order to house a third of the Armory’s displaced exhibitors. Another Armory Week fair for younger galleries, Nada, had also been canceled as its venue was suddenly redeveloped. And the Brussels edition of Independent was scrapped due to both venue and scheduling difficulties in the cramped fair calendar.

Meanwhile, the organizer of Art Berlin has announced today that the Modern and contemporary art fair, which has taken place in hangars belonging to the now-defunct Tempelhof airport for the past two years, will no longer take place. Koelnmesse, a company that organizes around 80 trade exhibitions a year including Art Cologne, says the use of Tempelhof from 2020 is not secured and that the financial results of the previous editions were “not satisfactory.”

With the above mentioned in mind…

Long term clients know that Scott Daniel’s does not hold an auction unless it is the right time.



From impeachment to mass shootings, to the rollercoaster of the financial market, to the weather, potential bidders can be distracted. We choose an auction time when we see a leveling of breaking news and in turn the ability to get the attention of bidders.


Every day there is an average of over 1,000 auctions across the United States alone. Some of the large commercial auction houses are holding multiple auctions per day. We present some of the world’s largest and most expensive listings to come to auction. This allows us to attract the serious collectors who are looking for real treasures at auction, and who may find further offerings upon reviewing our catalog.


Certain items sell better during certain times of the year. Categories of items in the art and collectible marketplace sell better and normally for a higher monetary return if that category can be tied in with a historical event related to that category. We do not schedule a Militaria Auction on World Peace Day. Scott Daniel’s knows that the true collector or enthusiast finds great value in the historical significance of a piece being presented. Although provenance is a top factor – the emotional association with the meaning of the piece is a powerful factor as well.


If you found a buried treasure, but had not secured the contents yet, would you start telling people about it? Probably not.

That is the same scenario with us. With a minimal following on social media, we have secured and presented offerings that rival those found at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and other prominent auction houses. Serious sellers consign their collections to us knowing that we will properly promote their collection throughout the world and provide individual attention which the larger auction houses cannot. And while these larger auction houses can spend millions of dollars to get followers, we look for those who bookmark us on an organic level –


To cost to present an online auction is doubling yearly. We want to keep our premiums at a minimum and put more money into our client’s pockets. By making sure that we have done everything possible to promote and present an auction, we have not only maintained but have grown in a very competitive industry.

As we are about to enter into a new decade Scott Daniel’s will continue to follow the same guidelines we have, presenting auctions when the time is right and optimal.

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