Going through the Alex Shear Collection is our most all-time consuming task. After sitting for over a decade the amount of deterioration has taken its toll on many of the pieces. The rust on metal objects, the mold and water stains on paper, the musty smell of being in trailers for so long…

The collection was packed into boxes, or just thrown into the trailers. The boxes which contain most of the items, had been placed with no organization. Pieces belonging to one item have been spread into multiple boxes, each containing a single piece of the item. Many key parts belonging to a single item remain missing, and thus can’t be presented until the task of examining all the boxes is complete.


Everyone in this industry knows that there is a fine line between collecting and . . . As the desire to acquire increases occasionally the perception of what is of value decreases. Combine this along with the fact the collection was begun pre-eBay which equates to a further monetary decline of the collections value.

Then the theft of part of the collection which is now being looked at by the N.Y. State Attorney General’s Office.

Add on the cost of storage and labor to go through the collection…

It is truly one of the biggest gambles I have ever taken.


Simply because there are treasures buried deep within the collection.

So far, the collections ephemera is amazing. Paper that I have never seen in over four decades of being involved in the auction industry has been found, and although these pieces require different degrees of restoration, they are truly treasures. Some of the novelty toys are rare. There are some great pieces of militaria which have surfaced, but nothing so far worth great monetary value.

As we continue with discovering, sorting, and cleaning, I am further understanding the life of Alex Shear. His passion for collecting the unique, obscure, and irreverent. His acknowledgment of people’s ingenuity and ability to “build a better mouse trap”. His love for collecting. And it is being done piece by piece.

We invite you to join us when we hold the Shear Collection auction. You can stay up to date and be notified when the auction will take place by subscribing to our newsletter.

If you have a single piece or collection and are interested in selling it, contact us to find out what the potential value is and why Scott Daniel’s is selected to represent so many prestigious collections. You can email us at or call us at (845)372-4787.

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