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We have just lived through a very hard period in history.

Parts of the area are about to reopen.

Some of us may be short on cash due to loss of a job, business closure, and a wide array of other circumstances…

You may be sitting on cash with items you own but may not know how much?

We are offering an alternative that allows you the possibility to get more money for your items – which can be very crucial. 

Starting May 26th, 2020 until further notice we are going to run unique way to turn those items into cash quickly.

We will be holding weekly auctions with a reduced premium cost of only 5% to 10% to certain sellers and quick payments!

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How it works-

1. Contact Scott Daniel’s to schedule an appointment to discuss items you would like to sell. Items can be evaluated at one of Scott Daniel’s locations, or we come to your location*, or through a Zoom meeting.

If both you the seller, and Scott Daniel’s agree on minimum price, bring your item to Scott Daniel’s High Falls New York location (at least 4 days before the next PPA Auction is scheduled) .  We will provide you with a receipt and then take photos of your item as well as writing an accurate description of your item. 

2. Your item is posted live to our sites and a mailing is sent to all our clients informing them of what is coming up for auction!

3.  PPA Auctions will be held on Friday’s starting at 7 pm, both online and at our gallery in High Falls, NY when allowed by law. 

4. Consignors of sold items can pick up their money as soon as the following Monday!

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