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This oil on canvas, measuring 29 by 39 inches, is a serene depiction of bucolic tranquility crafted by the artist C. A. Bennett. The work presents a gentle pastoral scene where the soft light of a hazy sky bathes a verdant landscape. In the foreground, a lone cow, rendered with naturalistic detail and a calming palette of creams and browns, stands beside its dark-hued calf, suggesting a theme of nurturing and companionship. The middle ground is adorned with a clear, meandering brook, adding a sense of quiet movement to the otherwise still scene. The background is a lush forest, where the trees, depicted with varying tones of green and touches of autumnal yellows, rise with a sense of aged wisdom. The detailed textures of the foliage and the grass are visible, indicating the artist's attentive care in portraying the richness of nature. A pair of birds in flight, positioned towards the upper left quadrant, injects a dynamic element into the composition, hinting at the freedom of the natural world. The artwork's condition is noted as good, suggesting that the colors and the canvas have been well-preserved, allowing viewers to appreciate Bennett's vision with clarity. The artist's signature, "L. Ehlers," located at the bottom right, adds a personal touch to this tranquil landscape, anchoring the work in its artistic lineage.

C. A. Bennett Pastoral Serenity Oil on Canvas

$285.00 Regular Price
$199.50Sale Price
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