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Jasper Johns: "The Maps of the United States" 1989 MOMA Exhibition Poster

Enhance your art collection with this extraordinary Jasper Johns exhibition poster, "The Maps of the United States," from 1989. This offset print, created for the artist's exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, is based on Johns' original 1961 painting.


  • Poster Size: 71 1/2 inches x 51 1/2 inches


  • Artist: Jasper Johns
  • Title: "The Maps of the United States"
  • Year: 1989 exhibition poster, after the 1961 original painting
  • Printing Technique: Offset
  • Frame: Boldly framed in a crimson lacquered metal frame with a plexiglass face
  • Colors: Brilliant, staying true to the artist's original work


  • This poster is in excellent condition, with vibrant colors that enhance its visual appeal and maintain the integrity of Johns' original artwork.

Perfect for:

  • Art Collectors seeking to add a significant piece from a renowned artist to their collection.
  • Modern Art Enthusiasts who appreciate the historical and cultural significance of Jasper Johns' work.
  • Interior Decorators looking for a striking and sophisticated piece to enhance a space.

This Jasper Johns exhibition poster is not just a decorative item but a valuable piece of art history that reflects the brilliance of one of America's most influential contemporary artists.

Shipping and Handling:

  • Additional: $18.56 within the U.S.
  • Packaging: Carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery.
  • Shipping Time: Ships within 1-2 business days after payment.

Bring home this stunning Jasper Johns "The Maps of the United States" exhibition poster and enjoy its vibrant artistry and historical significance for years to come.


Jasper Johns: "The Maps of the United States" 1989 MOMA Exhibition Poster

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