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(1) Iroquois - Land of the Hodenosaunee 1935: Indian Episodes of New York; A Drama-Story by Arthur C. Parker; Compilers Arthur Caswell Parker, Mrs. Walter Henricks. (Drawn by Robert) Gribbroek 1935. (Copyright) Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1935. <  >(2 ) Navajo and Zuni -Indian Silverwork of the South West. Illustrated Bridles with notes by H.P. Mera. Published by the Laboratory of Anthropology New Mexico, 1944. Ex-Libris copy from the Etherl Traphagen Leigh Memorial Library, NYC. <   >  (3) Navaho -AShkee of Sunshine Water: a Navaho Indian boy; by Faith Hill and Mabel F. Rice, 1941 Row Peterson and Company; Basic Social Education Series. <  > (4) Chilocco Indian Agricultural School, Oklahoma-Department of the Interior: Libray BUlletin 4, 1927 - Indian Art and Industries; The Indian Print Shop, and stamped by a NYC travel agent. Ex-Libris copy from the Etherl Traphagen Leigh Memorial Library, NYC. <   > (5) The Havasupai Indian Agency, Arizona- Grand Canyon Region.Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. 1929 reprint of the report on the 1927 conditions and quality of life for the Havasupai people in the jurisdiction of the agency. A colonizer account of the Havasupai people. Ex-Libris copy from the Etherl Traphagen Leigh Memorial Library, NYC. <   > (6) Indian Costumes in the United States by Clark Wissler; The American Museum of Natural History, Guide Leaflet No. 63. Circa 1920's. <   > (7) 1938; The Old Indian's Almanac; COmpiled and Printed at the Indian Craft Museum, Jamaica, NY by Chiquilla; based on the moon calendar ie; Harvest moon, travel moon, hungry moon. <  > (8) The Curtis Indians; or The North American Indian by " Mr. Curtis. This is a pamphlet book by subscription prospectus circa 1920-30s, Seattle Washington. <  > ( 9 ) Museum Notes, March 1933: Museum of Northern Arizona ; Hopi Courtship and Marriage with photos, illustrations and recipes related to Hopi Culture. <  > (10)  The American Women's Club Presents " The Indian Confederation of North America; Chief Paul Horn, Mohawk, Sachem Master of Ceremonies.  April 10th, 1938 Song and Dance Program with Drum Circle ; American WOmen's Club Ballroom ( NYC )

Lot of Native North American Ephemera : Antique and Vintage

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