May 21st, 2022 
Auction Estimate: $45,000 - $62,000

The RPM Auction will contain vintage vinyl records in the genre of classic rock, punk, big hair, and heavy metal.  There will be both LPs, ELPs, and 45 rpm.  The collection is from a music enthusiast and musician who has been collecting for over five decades. 

Groups will include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and both American and foreign pressings. 

Vintage Vinyl Records are perhaps one of the best investments you can make during these strange and trying times. Records from certain periods such as classic rock continue to increase in price.  Many auction houses such as Heritage and Juliens have featured auctions highlighting rock & roll LPs and 45 RPMs. 
Record prices at auction range from a single dollar to tens of thousands of dollars.  

Collectors of vintage vinyl are serious about collecting and will spare no expense when it comes to not only owning pristine rare examples but the audio equipment they play it on. 
Example: The Acoustic Signature Invictus Neo Turntable Price: $199,995 USD.

So that is the monetary part...
BUT think about the emotional part! 

Most of us experience an instant connection to a specific time and place when they hear that special song.  Vintage Record Collecting is among the highest rated of valuable collectibles.


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The Largest Vintage Vinyl Rock Auction May 21