The See, Listen, Learn,
Saturday, January 8th, 2021
11:30 am EST.

In the immortal words of Hannibal Lector "We covet what we see".   Have you ever looked at an early photograph and thought to yourself "I wish I lived during that period"?  Maybe you had been looking through old baseball cards, or football cards, and you remember as a child getting to see that athlete playing in a game - and maybe you saw that game with a family member and perhaps that fond memory brings a smile to your face. How many of us remember a logo, symbol, or specific figure, and almost immediately place what type of item it is, what it is used for.  These are things we see and value as collectors.  Not only due to the monetary value, but the emotional value as well.

That is the "SEE" part of SEE, LISTEN, LEARN title of our January 8th auction.

The "LISTEN" part is simple.  A survey asked "What media most often brings you to a certain point in your past?" The answer was music.  More people related to a specific time in their life through music than any other media.  That is the "LISTEN" part of our auction.

The "LEARN" part in the title of the auction is my favorite part.  Look at a sign.  Cool graphics, brite, bold colors, and it grabs you like a piece of art - which it is!  Yes - Vintage tin signs are SUPER HIGH PRICED ART!  Think about how much a company spent on developing that sign.  How much money went into promoting that logo, or catch phrase, so consumers would relate and want that product.  Jump 100 years later, and many of these companies and products are no more.  Pieces are no longer being produced, and that means there is only a limited amount available, and only a few of those are available to purchase.  The history behind some of these pieces and why they are so collectible and continue to gain in monetary value, is the history behind the companies.  Once prospering businesses such as breweries were the main employer of entire towns - then prohibition - and those businesses were gone.  What lived was the history and the limited amount of items associated with that brand.  The amount of breweries in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey was shocking to me, and the amount of people these breweries employed during the peak of there popularity - amazing.  The history about how these companies dealt with changing trends, and obstacles, also not only amazing, but when you think about the fact that it was all done without the use of a computer...

The See, Listen, Learn Auction

Saturday, January 8th, 2022 | 11:30 am EST




1940s, 1950s, Trading Card Collection including Baseball, Football, Boxing, Celebrity, History, from Topps and Bowmans. This is collection is from the original owner who purchased these cards in the 1940s and 1950s.



Breweriana Collection featuring some of the most desirable pieces ever brought to auction – One-of-a-Kind pieces which will thrill the most knowledgeable collector. This collection is from perhaps one of the astute collectors of breweriana we have encountered. The consignor of this collection has been collecting this specific category for decades.



Vintage Vinyl Collection including Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and a very rare master pressing from Bob Dylan. Musicians from the 1960s and 1970s are in high demand and this collection includes LPs, Bootlegs, and 1st Pressings.



Posters including World War II propaganda posters.



Vintage Advertising Signs spanning several decades.



Previews for this auction will be held on January 6th & 7th at our High Falls, NY location or can be scheduled by private appointment by contacting us at (845)372-4787.


In-house participation is limited so please contact us early to reserve seating. Bidding will take place on two online live platforms.

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For the Breweriana Collector -
A collection of rare and valuable Breweriana including metal signs, cardboard signs, trays, bottles, crates, & barrels.  

Golden Foam 1.jpg
Fell Mirror 1.jpg
steg 1.jpg

For the Sports Card Collector -
Chances are that you have read about the discovery of trading cards found in two old shoe boxes dating from the 1940s to 1950s.  The original owner who purchased the cards new as a child had passed and the cards sat undisturbed for decades.  The majority of the cards are in 7.5 or higher grade. Topps, Bowman, Scoop, are among the names - and any serious collector will know what is sitting in this collection.

Bowman Boxing.jpg

For the Pulp Ephemera Collector -
A collection of PULP era magazines including PULP SPORT PUBLICATIONS including Football, Baseball, and Bodybuilding. 

Pulp Football 1.jpg

For the Vintage Vinyl Collector -
Rolling Stones, Richie Havens, Jefferson Airplane, Dave Brubeck, Iron Butterfly, John Lee Hooker, Ultimate Spinach. Rare bootleg albums from the Beatles, The Stones, and a very rare master pressing of Bob Dylan.

Records 1_clipped_rev_1.png