In 2008 this painting "Portrait of Edna Phillips" by Sérvulo Gutiérrez,  was presented at an auction and listed as sold for $8,500 USD - Actually, it was never sold!  The artist's works are sought after and purchased mostly by private collectors due to the rarity of finding an authenticated painting by him that is outside of Peru. The painting remained in the possession of Edna Phillips’ daughter.

Scott Daniel's will now present, with full provenance from the family of Edna Phillips  ;
1952  Sérvulo Gutiérrez Alarcón oil on canvas titled "Portrait of Edna Phillips".

Sérvulo Gutiérrez Alarcón (1914 – 21 July 1961)

Peruvian Cultural Influencer: A Top Figurative Expressionist Painter of the 20th Century.


The Amazon River to the Andes Mountains of Peru sculpted artist Sérvulo Gutiérrez Alarcón (1914 – 21 July 1961) while his, religion and time in history made the crucible that fired his creative process. Sérvulo Gutiérrez was born in the Peruvian City of Ica amongst a desert landscape. He had little in the way of formal education during his childhood as the fifth of ten siblings, losing his mother at the age of only nine.

Gutiérrez was a self-taught artist who earned his living through many means and in many places. After a move to Argentina, he focused on pre-Columbian work while also having the opportunity to study under  Argentine painter, Emilio Pettoruti (1892–1971) for eight years, developing his own unique view and expression. In the late 1930’s Gutierrez traveled to France, studying the work of French artists and further developed his figural expressionist style.

Perhaps the best provenance ever established regarding the painting by a national treasure

At times the impact of the Peruvian indigenist artists is prominent in his work, at others the indigenous influences are well incorporated into the unique combination that became the recognized style of  Sérvulo Gutiérrez Alarcón.

Modern figurative expressionists ( embracing the human figure as the source of inspiration in their imagery)  can be viewed through the lens of expressionism that runs boldly through the twentieth century influencing art, music, literature and even the cultures that birthed it as a movement.

Alberto Giacometti. 1901–1966.

Pablo Picasso. 1881–1973.

Francis Bacon. 1909–1992.

Lucian Freud. 1922–2011.

R.B. Kitaj. 1932–2007.

Picasso has become the go example of modern figurative painting, and Alberto Giacometti  the great figurative sculptor known to Western Cultures. Frances Bacon known for his personal life and disturbed mental health as much as his artist impact. With Sérvulo Gutiérrez Alarcón  resting tall among his peers of this movement  now known as described by the Times as "Peru’s most celebrated painter “ Considered by some critics as “ the most outstanding figurative expressionist painter of the 20th century.”

In the beginning, his paintings were characterized by his broad use of colors and carefully delineated lines. His works then began to use more earth tones with blue, violet and red, accompanied by thick black strokes. He briefly worked in sculpture  during his apprenticeship to Pettoruti,   and his piece titled  “Amazonia” won first prize in a competition in 1942.

Perhaps most well-known outside his native Peru for his work “ The Andes (1943)”  a Gutiérrez' masterpiece of a powerful giantess of an indigenous nude woman, under a stormy heaven and among the  mountain peaks that dominate her environment.  His Expressionist tendencies then became exaggerated with techniques such as scoring the paint surface to create textural effects and heightening his colors with gestural marks of black, red, blue and green paint, leading at the beginning of the 1950s to such works such as Don Juan (1952) and the portrait of Edna Philips (1952)  .  Eventually his direction intensified into a violent Fauvist approach into mystical subjects, including his work “ St Rosa de Lima (c. 1960–61)”

Gutiérrez is now  considered the most representative Peruvian artist of his generation in no small part because of his intense and passionate expressionism with its Latin American truth .Sérvulo Gutiérrez  ceased to create and express his vision  on July 21 in the city of Lima Peru, at the age of 47. His artistic legacy continues to serve as a source of inspiration for new generations of artists and painters in Peru, South America, the Latin Diaspora, and the World of Art.

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