What is Scott Daniel's Auction?

We are a private auction house that normally presents finer quality and rare items at auction and for private sale located in High Falls, NY - Part of the Hudson Valley.  The physical gallery is generally not open to the public except on selected preview days prior to an auction.  In-person attendance for auctions is by invitation only.  Many of our clientele are from the entertainment industry,  music industry, sports figures, and political figures. 

How do I contact Scott Daniel's?

You can call Scott at (845)372-4787, or email us at win@gonbid.com.  Please note that if you call Scott and get a recorded message, please allow up to 48 hours for a return phone call.  We are a small auction house that handles a large number of estates from across the United States and we receive 100 plus inquiries per day.  

When is Scott Daniel's next auction?

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Can we come in and "browse"?

No.  We are not a retail antique shop where someone comes in and handles items, asks "what's your best price?", etc.  - We are an auction gallery, and high-end private sale broker. 

Are we a storage facility?

Not really but some think we are - for those leaving items over a period of 30 days, we do provide storage at a cost of $5 per day, per item.  After 90 days items may be forfeited, or at the sole discretion of Scott Daniel's, will continue to be billed a $5 per day, per item charge.