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The T & D Collection

Painting a picture allows the artist to tell a story that hopefully will strike a chord with those who view it.   This couple acquired a wide array of art, from pre-columbian pottery to alternative lifestyle original works by noted and trending gay artists. 

The Prints and Originals

Finding and purchasing a piece of art in 1969 and having that work continue to trend upward in value is unusual unless we are referring to modern masters of the period like Picasso, Pollack, etc.

One of the consignors purchased the piece below on September 2nd, 1969.  It is by Joseph P. Love, S.J. and his work continues to gain both desirability and value.  Sale prices of his work has quadrupled since 1969. 

A 1969 Original by Joseph P. Love, S.J_edited.jpg

True Pre-Columbian Artifacts

While Pre-Columbian pottery ranges in desirability, and normally the finest examples are currently found at museums, this collection has perhaps one of the finest pieces available.  Our expert stated, "While most examples of this period are reconstructed from pieces, this particular piece is the most complete in-tact piece I have ever held". 

Ceramic Pre-Columbian Bowl Museum Marked  will be presented at Scott Daniel's Auction
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