Just too cool to pass up...

Be real - there are some things that just are too cool.  You see them, you smile.  They are things that are unique, unusual, and stir emotions of happiness, fun, excitement, and you have to have it!  

A lot of this perception is based on the age group looking at it - but sometimes when things are so cool, it transcends age and appeals to such a broad group because these items are just that cool.

When I got the call for the collection we are highlighting in our April 23rd auction, they described it as "some stuff" including "collectibles".  It was a referral and close by so I did not ask for pictures, and just went to go see it with no expectations.
Okay, so here we go - When I walked into the location, I was shown some primitive and antique furniture - sigh...(okay, maybe I had some expectations).  NEXT!  

Then I noticed a guitar sitting on a chair, a very neat Ovation six-string acoustic.  I commented "great guitar" and was informed it was given to the consignor by his father -  okay - appreciate it and off-limits.  Then brought into the next room, an old painting in need of restoration, and an ornate oak icebox - both of which fall into categories that are okay, but not in high demand and not of great monetary value.  

Then I turned around and WOW!  More stringed instruments!  And when I asked about "presenting these at auction?" the consignor said "sure". Once I got the "sure" then I took a closer look - 
a couple of vintage Rickenbacker Bass Guitars... 
and a vintage John Lennon EJ-160E - all in excellent condition.

Now excited, onto the next room, and when I walked in the heart rate went up a bit more...
Good Golly Miss Molly! - on to the next room.

More vintage audio, some very cool large scale vintage action figures, and more guitars. This room was a bit more crowded and as I was looking a first for me - A CASIO CK-200, a very rare boombox with a keyboard. FRIGGIN COOL!


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The cool factor surrounds musical instruments, audio equipment, and vintage vinyl  - and this estate collection gets even cooler! 
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