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Who was Pamela Rankin-Smith?

Born in Kansas City on Jan. 9, 1918, and raised in the small town of Mission, TX, Pamela had large dreams that would not fit in a small town. She aspired to greatness and her passion for the arts and gifted eye for all things beautiful led her to a bold and brave move to leave everything behind and move N.Y.C. where her dreams indeed took flight. She quickly landed on her feet, realizing what it would take to change her stars. From the lighter fair in her start as an aspiring actress, she also modeled and at one point was the face of Peter Pan Peanut Butter.


She later journeyed to more classical work where her heart longed to be. In such endeavors including but not limited to painting in Chinese brushstroke technique, calligraphy, and Ikebana flower arrangements that were placed in the Asian sections in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

She lived a full and accomplished life, largely self-taught.


Although immersed in all the classical arts; photography was to become her medium and her legacy. She had showings of her work in galleries such as the Nikon Camera club, and later published one of two books Perfectly Candid.  Her book was her magnum opus or life work; a collection of candid photographs, autographed by some of the world’s influential figures of the 20th century. 

Major collections of importance of Pamela Rankin-Smith being presented at auction include:

The Pamela Rankin-Smith Signed Photograph Collection

The Pamela Rankin-Smith Negative Photograph Catalog

The Pamela Rankin-Smith Jewelry and Coin Collection 

The Pamela Rankin-Smith Art Collection including what is believed to be the largest collection of Irwin D. Hoffman art privately owned. 

The Pamela Rankin-Smith Estate Contents including designer clothing & accessories, furnishings, and sculptures. 


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Pamela Rankin-Smith at Book Signing

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